TRAVEL DIARY : Taxi Convoy To Chamang Waterfall At Bentong

KL Taxi Driver Club

12 May 2015 

16 Taxis & 18 Driver involved in this convoy activities.
Our aim to explore new places and enjoy among ourselves after long hours working everyday.
With this experience, we can assist those interested & put Chamang Waterfall into our Tour Package.

It is very nice place and suitable for camping & BBQ.

1000-1015 Hour

We gather all members to wait at BHP after Gombak Tol heading to Bentong.

Taxis Gathering

Briefing By Convoy Leader
 1015- 1200 Hour

Travel time takes 1 Hour 30 Minutes.
We drive slowly ... no racing on the road while convoy.

80-90 KMJ

Traffic Jammed

1200 Hour

We Safely arrived @ Chamang Waterfall
We meet with the Ranjer Incharged,
We has been brief on Do & Dont's while we in this area.

Early Parking

Jeneral Lead The Way

1200-1500 Hour

Free Activities
Everyone doing what they want to do.
Mostly we ate first ...but some of us cannot wait to jump into the river.
1 of our friend came here just for sleep. Hehe ..

Enjoy Playing With Gopro

Dunno What They Discuss

Everyone Looks Weird Coz Dunno How To Operate Gopro

From Beginning Till End - Sleeping

Eat First Before Jump

Selfie Again ..

Everyone Also Want To Joint

Unfortunately it was raining after few hours we were there.
The good things is ... we are early and everyone already enjoy swimming & jumping into the river.

The Ranjer instructed everyone to come out from the river when its raining ..

Our activities during raining was continue eating ... hehe

Nasi Lemak

Selfie Crazy

Selfie Madness

Bapa Mithali

Waiting Rain to be stopped

1500 Hours

We depart from Chamang, heading back to KL

Group Photos ...

This Is Our Family - KLTDC's

On our back home ...
Unexpected plan ....
This is what we found ....

We Buy All His Durians

Wow .. look at it

Durian Madness

He ate until got fever. hehe

Almost 50kg we buy from this uncle and we nego until RM15/kg

Overall ... this is among the best activities we done.

some of them are our new joining members and they show their interest to participate ...

congrats ..

next time we will organize proper activities and find more exciting place to explore .. 


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