TRAVEL DIARY : Fireflies Trip With Mr Andre Roch From Switzerland

9 Aug 2015 @ 530PM

Mr Andre was visiting Malaysia for a day trip before going back home.

His flight from Indonesia was transit here 1 day ...

So, he took this opportunity to visit Kg Kuantan @ Kuala Selangor to see Fireflies.

Our Trip was great due to Sunday and traffic was very good.

Travel time only took 45 minutes and we are almost 1 hour early before its open @ 730pm.

People have to Q after buying the tickets.

1 boat RM50 & can fitted 4 people.

Lucky we are early, If not ... we have to Q more than 100 meters away.

The face of satisfaction ...

After the trip we straight back to the airport.

They have to catch a plane back to Switzerland.

Thanks for Hiring & Trusting me for this trip Mr Andre.