TRAVEL DIARY : Genting Highlands & Bukit Tinggi Tour With Ms Charity Pandita From Philippines

Tour Details :

Genting Highlands 
Bukit Tinggi Resorts
● French Village
● Japanese Garden

Driver & Guide : Saiful 

0900 : 
Tour pick up from Regalia Residence. 
Lucky the weather are good but still got haze in Kuala Lumpur and serounding area.

1000 :
We reach at Genting Cable car.
Her mom was afraid to take the cable car, but i convince them its not every year u are visitting Malaysia ... hehe.

1200 :
She knock my window at car park while i was taking a nap.
Maybe because nothing much at top of Genting.
They are still major renovation happening up there.
Only indoor theme park opened.

1300 :
We are taking our lunch at R & R Genting Sempah.
All of us hungry already..
Before continue our journey to Bukit Tinggi, i show and recommend them the famous chesnut ..
They seems havent seen it at Philippines and the taste was good.

1330 :
We reach at top of Bukit Tinggi Resorts. 
They were happy because the place was like a castle ...

We are walking around and enjoy the environment at French Village.

Unfortunately. ... because of to much selfie one thier handphone fall down and crack the screen. 

I feel sorry for that.

1430 :
We continue to Japanese Garden.
Her mom cannot walk anymore because to tired.
So, she just take a rest inside my taxi and i keep her company.
Ms Charity and her friends continue climbing & explore the Japanese Garden.

1600 :
We heading back to Kuala Lumpur ...

1700 :
Safely arrive at Regalia Residence.