TRAVEL DIARY : Family Trip To Elephant Sanctuary & DeerLand At Kuala Gandah

Elephant Sanctuary 


Elephant Sanctuary & DeerLand @ Kuala Gandah  Pahang
Family Trip on 1 Dec 2015


I always talk about place that i took tourist to visit with my kids ....
They know what his father occupation.
But i never took them to this place ...

Maybe i was too bored to go the same place i always been ... hehe.

But today, i want thier school holiday will be the most memorable in this year ....
So, they can talk about it with his / her friends.

We go out a bit late today ... at 11am from Kuala Lumpur.

We are lucky, traffic seems very good and we reach Kuala Gandah around 1pm.

The weather are sunny ... so, we can continue our activities without worrying about raining due to this is raining season.

My kids enjoyed feeding the elephant ... hehe

Airis .. the youngest crying when we are about to leave that place. She sont want to go back ... haishhh.

There is no charges to enter this place.

If u want to bath with elephant,  u have to hired tour guide and i dont think its expensive. I heard about RM30 only.

The elephant show & introduction starts at 2pm and continue with bath with elephant at nearby river.

After finish the show, we continue to visit Deerland... its 5 minutes drive from Elephant Sanctuary. 

There is enterance fees ... but not much.

We paid RM18 for 2 adult & 3 kids.

Then they will provide u foods to feed the deer inside.

Its amazing ... more than 30 deer inside ... wow.

Its not just deer ... a lot of animal also u can see inside and there is no additional charges for feeding / touching / taking pictures with them.

This 2 place are the most recommended place to visit.

We are verry tired and the kids enjoyed so much.