5 Days Booking Sightseeing In Kuala Lumpur With Mdm Rose From Canada

Batu Caves

Colmar Tropicale 

Japanese Garden 

Driver Guide : Saiful
Guest Name : Mrs Rose Dotten
Origin : Canada
Date : 26/9 - 30/9

DAY 1 - 26/9 @ 1130Am
Batu Caves & Colmar Tropicale Day Tour 

Today is the 1st day Mdm Rose in Kuala Lumpur and it was her 1st time here.

Her husband got job to do and i was assigned to take her sightseeing around KL.

Our 1st stop was Batu Caves, the famous Hindu Temple in Kuala Lumpur. I accompany Mdm Rose to walk up the stairs till The Dark Caves.  She spend time exploring the caves while i take a rest for a while.

Well, its to tired. Hehe.

Shes enjoyed the Caves Tour and we decided not to continue futher up. Hehe ...

We continue our journey to Bukit Tinggi Resort Pahang.

Our 1st destination was Colmar Tropicale. Entrance fees was RM15/pax.

Shes enjoying the view but not to excited about the building structure.

Then we continue to explore Japanese Garden. It was very nice garden and how they do the decorations. She was too excited taking picture and planning for her garden, especially about the rock decoration.

The gardens was great but to reach there need a lot of walking & exercise. Hehe...

Well... it was a very tired journey and i am glad that shes enjoyed.

DAY 2 - 27/9 @ 08:00AM
Cooking Class @ Lazat House Kuala Lumpur.

Today not much to do, just pick up & drop off Rose at Taman Tun (TTDI) market to meet up with her cooking teacher.

She wanted to learned traditional dishes.

Evening, when i pick her, she gave me chicken curry & roti jala .... 1 of malaysian dish that she learned.

Roti jala taste normal & the curry are delicious.

DAY 3 - 28/9 @ 11:30AM
Genting Highlands Day Tour.

Strawberries & Lavender 

Cable Car View

Chin Swee Temple

Today i took her to sightseeing in Genting Highlands.

Our first stop was Strawberries & Lavender Garden.

Rose was obsessed with flowers ... she loves flowers a lot... she took a lot of picture there.

After that, we are going to ride the Awana Skyway (cable car).

We stopped at Chin Swee Temple station. Its quite far from the station to temple and lucky there was escalator and fully functioning.  So, its not tired to go there.

The temple are so amazing .... i am sorry to say that the temple is like a theme park with all the statue and each statue has its story.

Then we continue till the top of Genting Highlands. Unfortunately its just shopping mall and casino. The theme park are still under renovation. 

Then we dicided to go back.

Rose dont want to visit bee farm and ask me to take her to find cooking stuff at Giant.

DAY 4 - 29/9 @ 11:30AM
Kuala Lumpur City Tour (Part 1)

KL City Gallery 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building 

Chinatown - Shopping

Today i have another 2 guest are joining the tour. Richard (Rose Husband) & John his workmate from Kenya.

I took them for sightseeing first before they decided to do sourvenirs shopping.

Rose was talking about watches that she saw at chinatown and some handbag. I help her to get best price from the seller.

Seems that shes so happy about it and yes ..  they bought a lot of handbag also.

DAY 5 - 30/9 @ 1130AM
Kuala Lumpur City Tour (Part 2)

King Palace 

National Monument

Royal Selangor Pewter Factory 

Malay Foods Restaurant 

Royal Museum

Today was the last day city tour with them.

Mostly we finish it by visiting few historical place around Kuala lumpur.

They was so amazed when visiting Royal selangor Pewter Factory. They also did tried to knock 1 of the mug to follow the designed.  It was an amazing tour there.

After that i took them to eat malaysian food at Kampung Baru. Thats were u can find a lot of malay cuisines and cheap.

I also fullfill Rose wish by visiting Textile Museum. She's wanted to look closely and know about 'Batik'.

It was very fun tour within these 5 days with them.

They were very nice people and friendly.

I wish to she them again next time.