Layover At KLIA Tour With Mr Bryan & Family

KL Tower

Upside Down House

Date : 15 Oct 2017
Driver : Mr Saiful

Today my assignment to took Mr Bryan family to sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur.

They have 10 hours layover in KLIA before flying back to Yangon Vietnam. Their are from Canada & already work in vietnam for 3 years.

They said ... just finish holiday in Kathmandu and wish to see KL before leaving.

Well ... thier request to look at building ... 

So, our first stop was in Putrajaya .... we just stop and drive thru for photos.

Then straight to KL. Thier objective to make thier kids happy ... so, they buy tickets for KL Tower Open deck which is such an amazing experiance from the top building to look at Kuala lumpur.

Next stop was Aquaria ... they spend 2 hours there and they said thier kids was very happy ... well, i can see it from thier face ... before was too sleepy and now so energetic.

After that i took them for lunch at chinatown before send them back to airport for thier next flight.

I hope they are happy during the tour ... 

Thanks for choosing our service.